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erectile dysfunction

Tips on How to Get BlueChew in Canada

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects several men across the globe as it affects their ability to have or maintain a firm erection for sexual intercourse. In Canada, ED is the most common sexual problem that men experience, especially men above the age of 40. Several medications for ED are available that include tadalafil, sildenafil, vardenafil, and avanafil. However, getting access to these medications in Canada may sometimes be quite difficult.

Although BlueChew exists to make it easy for men to access these medications through their monthly subscription-based services, it does not ship to Canada. You can learn How To Get BlueChew in Canada by reading this post.

Package Forwarder


The first step towards ensuring that you can get your ED tablets to Canada when you order them from BlueChew is by choosing a package forwarder. Having the right package will determine how quickly your chewable tablets get delivered and how much money you pay.

Consider how much the package forwarder will charge you for accepting and shipping your package. You should also look at how quickly they will process your package. Lastly, carefully consider the quality of their customer service by finding out how satisfied their users are with their services.

Ship Your Order

Once you have settled on a package order of your choice, you should then ship your BlueChew order to them. When making your purchase on BlueChew, instead of your home mailing address, enter the unique mailing address that your package forwarder will provide you with. Make sure that their pricing structure is transparent and reasonable.

Forward Your Package

As soon as your order arrives at your package forwarder, they will let you know. You can then choose the shipping options that your forwarder offers, depending on the size and weight of your package. Your BlueChew order will then be delivered to you. The process should be easy and smooth. Using a package forwarder is the best way of accessing BlueChew in Canada for many reasons. First, using a forwarder will save you money in sales taxes that are usually charged on orders. Most package forwarders offer tax-free ware-housing.

In case you order multiple packages, they will be consolidated into one box to save you a significant amount in shipping fees. ED medications are also cheaper on BlueChew as compared to buying from retailers in Canada. Even if you buy through a package forwarder, you will still pay less than what you would have paid when you buy from retailers within Canada.…

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