How to Choose the Right Penis Extenders


Penis extenders are non-invasive devices that increase your penis size over time by stretching the penis tissues and creating increasing the length of the shaft. TheĀ penis enlarging tool will help you with enlargement.

There are dozens of penis extenders in the market and each offers a range of features and benefits. Consider the following when choosing the right penis extender.

Check the Comfort Level

penis extenders Before buying a penis extender comfort should be your priority. Some devices are much more comfortable to wear than others. The maximum wearing time is 8 hours to get the perfect stretch, the device should not cause any pain or soreness. Choose a penis extender with extra padding and foam to increase comfort. However, be careful the padding can trap bacteria and put you at risk of getting infections.

The best thing is to look for a device that gives you comfort and adheres to medical-grade standards. As a beginner, you can wear the device one hour each weak and increase it to 12 hours per day as you get comfortable and complete the six-week start-up program. Some devices come with several interchangeable padding options to maximize comfort and keep you safe.

Check the Reviews

To know the effectiveness of the product reading the customer reviews will help you. Exercising discernment is important when reading the reviews. Negative reviews are sometimes omitted on the websites to prevent customers from questioning the product. Search for unbiased reviews and non-sponsored opinions from real customers.

If you know friends and families who have used penis extenders before, they will give you honest reviews of the product worked for them or not. You should keep in mind that penis extenders work differently for everyone, find the device with the most positive review it will offer you the best chance of success. Make sure that you are willing to invest a good amount of time into the process before purchasing a device because they are not overnight magical solutions.

Check Medical-grade Standards

penis extenders You should ensure that you get a good penis extender that meets the safety standards. You will be confident in your health and safety using it. Check for medical health accreditation to rule out unapproved devices.

Consult your doctor to recommend the best extenders. Some penis extenders trap moisture which is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria leading to infections. Protect your shaft by choosing a medical-grade device only.

Check the Amount of Tension

Penis extenders provide different amounts of tension to stretch the penile tissue. Some penis extenders are adjustable to maximize the pressure by tightening the ring that fits onto the shaft.

You can control the amount of pressure a device applies over time. Your shaft will increase in size with more tension over a short period but you are likely to experience more discomfort.

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