Foods That Enhance Sex Performance

People have been experimenting with many supplements, magic portions and foods to boost their sexual performance, and increasing their erectile strength. Most of these foods are helpful in increasing the production of various hormones that control one’s desire towards sex and improving libido. Having a high sex drive can improve your self-esteem and confidences level. The following are the main superfoods for improving sex performance.


This is one of the superfoods that have helped many people in enhancing their sex life as well as setting their mood. It is a romantic dinner that plays a key role in turning up the heat. It is loaded with essential compounds and vitamins that enhance sexual experience and sexual function. In fact, it is backed up by the modern


These fruits have a low amount of saturated fats and a high amount of unsaturated fats. This is what makes them good for the arteries and heart. They are helpful in maintaining a strong heartbeat thereby ensuring that blood is flowing is blowing to the various organs of the body. Most of the men having heart diseases are known for suffering from erectile dysfunction.


These are one of the excellent sources of folic acid and vitamin B which helps in warding off birth defects. They are also known for increasing the sperm count in men. Some men have been consuming the dark-chocolate-dipped strawberries to improve their libido. In general, strawberries are loaded with libido-boosting methylxanthines.


Almonds have been proven to be effective in stimulating sex and aiding with fertility. They are loaded with essential nutrients and other trace minerals such as selenium and zinc all of which are required the body for reproduction and sexual health.


People have been using arugula as one of the effective arousal aids since time immemorial. It is loaded with antioxidants and trace minerals. It is effective in blocking the environmental contaminants that negatively affect libido.


These are funny-shaped fruits that have aphrodisiac properties. They are used as fertility boosters in different parts the globe. They are loaded with both insoluble and soluble fibers which are required for heart health.figs

Citrus fruits

These are the tropical fruits that are loaded with folic acid, vitamin C and other essential antioxidants that are essential for the reproductive health. Fruits such as mandarin oranges, pink grapefruits and lemons are used in preparing romantic salads such as endive salad and citrus Shrimp refresher.