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Male Escorts: An Ultimate Guide to Becoming One

Becoming a male escort is easy if one has what it calls to be one. Male escorts are becoming popular in the society today, and you can easily pick one from designated areas. Apart from experience, the best male escorts will provide various services depending on what you want and what they have to offer.

So, if you are wondering how to become a male escort, then this guide is for you. It highlights all insights you need to know to become the best in your area. Read on to know more.

Get a trainer

EscortUpon deciding to become a male escort, you need someone to train you on how to go about it. Just like any other job or career, this one too requires skills on how to provide various sexual and erotic services to clients.

Your trainer will mention all crucial things you need to take into consideration as well as the services you can offer. This way, you will not fail even the first client you come across when you start. They can be an institution that provides escort services or an individual with experience as a male escort.

Offer first services under an institution

Numerous companies offer escort services in your area. If you are just starting, it is good you start with some company. Apart from giving you the right skills you need to offer excellent services, they also expose you to a pool of clients and protect you against harassment.

Choose the institution well before making an application to join. They should have a pool of clients you would like to major in, which can be one group or many.

Register with a male escort website

Today, things have become easier with technology. Apart from visiting the escort company offices and getting an escort, most clients prefer to make it discreet through a reliable connecting website. Choose the best site after doing some research to make sure you benefit from their excellent reputation.

You can also use social media to connect with clients if this will not expose you to any threat or risks. All in all, only take advantage of the technology when you have enough experience to deal with any client who requests for your escort services.

Provide a variety of services

MenMost people think that escorts provide sex only. As a male escort, there are numerous services you can offer to satisfy different clients. With an excellent exposure to training and the right facilities, providing various services is possible.

Be sure that you are comfortable with such services and can deliver on expectations. Some of the clients will be glad to refer you to their friends if you do go work.


As a male escort, you could be serving more women than men. Therefore, an understanding of the best things that they like as part of the services will make you a better escort. You also need to know how to treat men if they are in your pool of clients.

Your safety, by all means, should come first. Be sure to play caution, especially when dealing with clients who look rough. Focus on providing escort services rather than getting enticed into other things like drugs.…

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