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Dangers Associated With Sex Toys

These toys are widely used by people who are interested in enhancing their sexual life. They come in different models and designs. These include dildos, handcuffs, ben-wa balls, and vibrators. The use of these toys has skyrocketed over the past few decades.

In fact, their high demand has also lead to a significant increase in their price. Some of them are associated with certain side effects such as injuries. This means that you should be very careful when choosing one. Knowing the risks ad dangers associated with sex toys will help you in preventing them.

Getting Stuck in you

This is one of the leading causes of injuries. There have been reported cases of these devices being suck on the genitalia. Nurses and doctors have helped many ladies in pulling out the sex toys that have been stuck in them. To make the matter worse, more than half of these cases involve the rectum. The rectal muscles do not have barriers, and the can easily pull devices in. This issue can be solved by playing safe. You should use toys that have flared bases or strings that help in retrieving them.female sex toy

Putting rings on them

Rings are worn around the penis to prolong erections. They work by constricting the flow of blood out of this organ. Injuries resulting from these rigs are very rare, but they are very unpleasant when they occur. They should not be used for long-avoid using them for more than one hour.

Affects the sensitive parts

Too much of something is harmful. These gadgets can affect the sensitive areas by causing chronic numbness especially when they are overused. A study that was conducted in India revealed that 20 percent of women using vibrators are experiencing side effects such as pain and numbness. This is a problem that can be solved by choosing the right device and avoiding overusing them. Changing up the device’s vibration pattern can also help in solving this use.vibrator



Getting dirty

It has been found that some women do not clean their vibratos after use. This might lead to other problem s especially when they are shared between several partners. Sharing of sex toys can also increase the risk of infections. They can also spread hepatitis B and HIV. These toys should be cleaned with warm water and soap after use. You can also rub it using alcohol. The manufacture’s instruction should also be checked for any specifications.

Skin rashes

The lubricants and chemicals used with these toys can negatively affect your skin by causing rashes and itching. In fact, some of them are known for containing phthalates which is carcinogenic. This is a problem can be eliminated by using non-toxic toys such as the hard plastic and silicone.…

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