How to Treat an Escort


Escort Etiquette

When traveling, hiring the right escort for the duration of stay can offer you a pleasurable experience. To ensure you have a good time with the escort, the first thing to do is show her respect. Although she provides you sex and company, that does not mean she is cheap and to be taken for granted. You will be surprised to learn that some escort girls are smart and sophisticated. They understand what their clients like and they can identify when they meet a person who has never hired an escort before. You should follow certain rules to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Your Own Research

escort girlYou need to carry out research before you hire an escort. It is a good idea to get an escort for a given period and for particular purposes. Ensure you choose an escort who is professional and timely. You should consider looking through websites and forums for escort services.

Nowadays, agencies and independent escorts have their websites. These websites are the right places to gather adequate information about their services. They will tell you what escorts offer and what they do not. You should not be troubled if sex is not mentioned, as they may not include that word in their content.

Whenever you review websites, you should not go by the photos you only see. In fact, some are unethical. The truth is that agencies do not advertise using the real photos of escorts. Ideally, the photos are decoys that are meant to lure you into hiring an escort. You can find out whether the photos are genuine by asking the agency.

First Contact

In most cases, escorts will take their bookings through the phone. Therefore, you should call from a mobile phone. The agency or escort will need your mobile phone number if anything changes. Also, you will have to contact the agency or escort whenever you are outside.

Verification Process

beautiful girlNo matter where you are, you can hire an escort and you must pass the screening. For instance, the escorts will need to have some of your personal information. They will use the information to know more about you. It is a good idea to answer the questions asked by your escort. Ideally, an escort will not misuse your information. She will want to know whether she will get back home safely after an encounter with you. As far as verification is concerned, escorts cannot bend their rules, particularly for new clients.

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