Tips on Hooking Up with a Girl


Hooking up nowadays has been made easier by online dating apps. Alternatively, you can meet up with a girl in person and let her know your intentions. The sole intention of a hook up is to get sex without the obligation of a relationship. Therefore it should be done if both parties are on the same page.

Give Compliments

Girls are more interested in what you say. Giving compliments will make them have confidence and feel special. Let your compliments be genuine, she will like you for that. Mention nice things about her dressing, her hair, her smile, etc. Do not give a lot of compliments that can make her feel uncomfortable and walk away. Avoid sexual compliments unless there is a sexual connection.

Make Your Intentions Clear

Letting a girl know your intentions is important. In as much as you like her, tell her you are interested in hooking up. Explain that you are not looking for something serious at the moment. This will be fair to the girl instead of misleading her. If you are on the same page, she will say it, and if not, be understanding and thank her. Do not be pushy or insist. Respect her decision and move on.

Get Consent

You have to agree on the same thing for the hook up to happen. When you have clearly said your intentions, she will decide whether to go with the plan or not. She should give clear and affirmative consent. This will ensure mutual fun and pleasure. Hooking up can only be good if both parties agree.

Be Patient

It’s up to her to decide when to go on with the plan. Avoid rushing her or being too pushy. If she goes with her pace, it will be fun, and you don’t have to worry about convincing her. Let her take her time so that she won’t feel uncomfortable or forced. Talk about sex when she feels comfortable. Try not to talk about sex too early. She might freak out. Notice some signs that she’s uncomfortable with, like making eye contact or touching, and avoid them.

Take the Lead

Taking the lead doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be pushy. If she has given you all the signs that she’s interested in you, waste no time. Initiate things so that the girl may not feel slutty and guilty. Taking the lead will make things move in the right direction. Your girl is probably waiting for you to make the first move, do not be afraid to lean in first.


Make an Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the major flirting magic. It gives the right message if a girl is interested or not. Making eye contact with her will pass a clear message that you are interested in her body. If she responds with a smile, you will know you have a chance. Responding by frowning or looking away shows that she’s uncomfortable and definitely not interested.

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