Ways to Increase Penis Size


Penis size affects a man’s confidence level in his sex life. There’s no conclusive answer to the best or normal size penis, even though there’s a lot of controversy around this subject. Penis size depends on your partner’s preference. How much enjoyment and satisfaction both you and your sex partner mostly depends on how much you may be willing to spice things up with either positions or sex toys.

Some men are completely dissatisfied with their penis sizes and go for surgeries, injections, or use male enhancement gels and medications. However, if you wish to lengthen your dick, you are safer using natural methods.

Here are some of the penis enlargement methods:

Massage and Jelqing

massage to lengthen penisThis an exercise that is best if done manually and regular for faster results. Apply lube on the penis and massage throughout the area; stop for a while if you get an erection. The exercise is meant to relax your penis skin so that it can stretch. You can repeat this exercise daily for a few minutes for the best results. On the other hand, jelqing is a simple and most common penis enlargement exercise. You place both your hand on the penis and move it from top to bottom for a few minutes. You can use lube or not, depending on your preference. This exercise thickens the skin, which leads to enlargement, and the best results are achieved if you practice the routine daily.


This commonly known exercise increases thicken the penis and are most advisable to do during intercourse. Hold the penis straight using one hand, use the other hand to massage it gently, pause if there’s an erection, and continue. Do this for a few minutes during intercourse for best results.


surgeryThe surgery can be done in two ways: by cutting fat cells from other body parts and the other through the cutting of the ligament that holds the penis. This surgery makes the penis look longer. With surgery, it best to have a thorough checkup as recommended by your doctor before undergoing surgery.


There are many natural pills on the market. These pills contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your body’s health as well. The medicines are made from natural herbs and hormones. It is advisable to seek doctors’ advice before taking any pills.

If you feel that your penis size affects your sex life and performance in bed, you can talk with your partner about enhancing sex. You can look into sex toys and try out different sex positions.

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