Frequently Asked Questions About Cam Sites


Are you bored of watching porn or you feel that you need something more real? Well, you can take things to the next level and switch to watching live cam sites. With this option, you can choose the model you wish to watch models perform and even get a chance to interact with them. Most probably, once you try and use this option, you may never go back to watching recorded porn.

Below are most of the things you may need to know about cam sites:

What Are Cam Sites?

These are websites that present model and their performances. They differ from porn in that they show things in real-time and allow viewers to interact with cam models. Besides the chat rooms featuring a video recording of the model and her performance, there is a chat feature so the participants can engage the model via text.

The participants can suggest what they wish to transpire during the sessions. However, the model has the freedom to decide if to work as per the requests. Mind you, the cam models may be of any gender or sexuality, and some opt to refer to themselves as ‘cam girls’ or ‘cam boys’ in their marketing.

What Should You Expect From Cam Sites?

models romancingThese sites are numerous, so you need to pick your preferred one. They stream a wide variety of content, for example, some show the models masturbating, others stream dirty talks, and others feature cam models in foreplay. Some cam sites also stream live sex acts. The content will vary depending on the particular site’s restrictions and the model’s personal preferences.

How Do Cam Sites Work?

Cam sites use the model of performers-viewers relationship. The models aim to connect with the participants and make money mostly through tips from them. Models may choose to host their private chat rooms on renowned sites, but if they host free sessions, they could lose a significant portion of their share of earnings.
Cam sites remunerate the performers using a tipping system. This means if the viewer spends any time with the performers or enjoy their performance, they ought to tip with tokens or credits. These translate into real cash for the models who mainly earn from the tips.

Do Cam Sites Charge Viewers to Stream?

tokens from viewers converted to cashAlthough there are free-to-view cam sites on the internet, the users need to appreciate that the models rely significantly on the tips and tokens to earn for their excellent work. There is also the rampant menace of those who steal content and use it to attract traffic to their sites, and performers have to fight it. Viewers should also keep off such unethical sites and individuals to enable cam models to get their rightful dues.

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