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Ways to Increase Penis Size

Penis size affects a man’s confidence level in his sex life. There’s no conclusive answer to the best or normal size penis, even though there’s a lot of controversy around this subject. Penis size depends on your partner’s preference. How much enjoyment and satisfaction both you and your sex partner mostly depends on how much you may be willing to spice things up with either positions or sex toys.

Some men are completely dissatisfied with their penis sizes and go for surgeries, injections, or use male enhancement gels and medications. However, if you wish to lengthen your dick, you are safer using natural methods.

Here are some of the penis enlargement methods:

Massage and Jelqing

massage to lengthen penisThis an exercise that is best if done manually and regular for faster results. Apply lube on the penis and massage throughout the area; stop for a while if you get an erection. The exercise is meant to relax your penis skin so that it can stretch. You can repeat this exercise daily for a few minutes for the best results. On the other hand, jelqing is a simple and most common penis enlargement exercise. You place both your hand on the penis and move it from top to bottom for a few minutes. You can use lube or not, depending on your preference. This exercise thickens the skin, which leads to enlargement, and the best results are achieved if you practice the routine daily.


This commonly known exercise increases thicken the penis and are most advisable to do during intercourse. Hold the penis straight using one hand, use the other hand to massage it gently, pause if there’s an erection, and continue. Do this for a few minutes during intercourse for best results.


surgeryThe surgery can be done in two ways: by cutting fat cells from other body parts and the other through the cutting of the ligament that holds the penis. This surgery makes the penis look longer. With surgery, it best to have a thorough checkup as recommended by your doctor before undergoing surgery.


There are many natural pills on the market. These pills contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your body’s health as well. The medicines are made from natural herbs and hormones. It is advisable to seek doctors’ advice before taking any pills.

If you feel that your penis size affects your sex life and performance in bed, you can talk with your partner about enhancing sex. You can look into sex toys and try out different sex positions.…

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How to Boost Your Sexual Performance

You are likely to be cockblocking yourself if you do not have an active life. Having a wholesome lifestyle is the key to having a healthy and quality sex life. Our daily behavior can impact all aspects of our health, which include sexual health.

There are some changes you can make to improve your performance. For instance, getting Fleshlight Ice can help with your masturbation experience. Here is a detailed explanation of some of the things you can do to boost your performance in bed.

Drink Coffee

Coffee happens to be one of the popular beverages globally. Many of us depend on coffee to kickstart our mornings and get us through the day, while others consider it as a warm treat. Anyway, do you know coffee has positive effects on your libido? Research indicates that coffee significantly minimizes erectile dysfunction. This action is possible because the caffeine helps improve blood circulation to the genitalia.

However, one should be careful about how much coffee they consume. Studies have also shown that too much coffee is likely to lead to greater levels of estrogen. Estrogen is a female hormone and can negatively influence a man’s libido. In women, ice coffee is documented to be more efficient at increasing libido.


sex exercises
Sex can be compared to working out. It is heart racing, and if your fitness levels are wanting, it can have you feeling out of shape. For this reason, it is advisable to train often to improve your endurance and stamina. One can achieve these by running, jogging, rope skipping, or performing calisthenics. If you can handle long hours of cardio, lasting in bed should not be a hard task.

Eat Healthily

As stated earlier, having a healthy lifestyle is key. Since the penis relies on blood flow for proper functioning, take great care of your heart health. Minimize cholesterol since it is a common risk factor for heart issues. Add more fiber to your diet and focus on improving your cardiovascular well-being.

Improve Your Mental State

Everyone deals with stressful situations every day. But how we handle these situations can potentially impact our sexual delivery. Take time to do something you love with your partner and slay the stress away.


Fortunately, it is easy to use masturbation to benefit your longevity in bed. The aim is to target a certain lasting duration you desire and aim for it. By training yourself to last longer during masturbation, the same will be reciprocated in bed. A trick you can use is by easing the intensity and grip when you are about to orgasm and the starting back again. Do this exercise until you achieve your target time.…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cam Sites

Are you bored of watching porn or you feel that you need something more real? Well, you can take things to the next level and switch to watching live cam sites. With this option, you can choose the model you wish to watch models perform and even get a chance to interact with them. Most probably, once you try and use this option, you may never go back to watching recorded porn.

Below are most of the things you may need to know about cam sites:

What Are Cam Sites?

These are websites that present model and their performances. They differ from porn in that they show things in real-time and allow viewers to interact with cam models. Besides the chat rooms featuring a video recording of the model and her performance, there is a chat feature so the participants can engage the model via text.

The participants can suggest what they wish to transpire during the sessions. However, the model has the freedom to decide if to work as per the requests. Mind you, the cam models may be of any gender or sexuality, and some opt to refer to themselves as ‘cam girls’ or ‘cam boys’ in their marketing.

What Should You Expect From Cam Sites?

models romancingThese sites are numerous, so you need to pick your preferred one. They stream a wide variety of content, for example, some show the models masturbating, others stream dirty talks, and others feature cam models in foreplay. Some cam sites also stream live sex acts. The content will vary depending on the particular site’s restrictions and the model’s personal preferences.

How Do Cam Sites Work?

Cam sites use the model of performers-viewers relationship. The models aim to connect with the participants and make money mostly through tips from them. Models may choose to host their private chat rooms on renowned sites, but if they host free sessions, they could lose a significant portion of their share of earnings.
Cam sites remunerate the performers using a tipping system. This means if the viewer spends any time with the performers or enjoy their performance, they ought to tip with tokens or credits. These translate into real cash for the models who mainly earn from the tips.

Do Cam Sites Charge Viewers to Stream?

tokens from viewers converted to cashAlthough there are free-to-view cam sites on the internet, the users need to appreciate that the models rely significantly on the tips and tokens to earn for their excellent work. There is also the rampant menace of those who steal content and use it to attract traffic to their sites, and performers have to fight it. Viewers should also keep off such unethical sites and individuals to enable cam models to get their rightful dues.…

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How to Find the Best Escort Agency

For extrovert adults like you, nothing beats the excitement of meeting new women to have fun. You know you have charms that work well every time you try to talk to the ladies. You may have noticed it a long time ago, but there are always moments when you feel like talking to the professionals. You love making the first move, but things will be more fun if the ladies know how to play. It is when calling an escort agency to send you one of their finest ladies seems tempting, and you cannot seem to resist.

The question is, how you can do so. Depending on where you live, you may face challenges in finding one. However, if you live in an area where things like these are common, you may also deal with challenges, especially when it comes to finding the best agency. There are many options around, and everything looks perfect. Then, you need to rely on these tips below to guide you through the quests. It is the quality of the night spent with the ladies that you seek, and by following these tips, you cannot go wrong.


One of the first lists to check is their availability. It is fine if you can find their presence online, as it is something that all people do. However, if it is the only trace you find without any additional information, you need to be careful as it can be a sign of fishy business. For years, such frauds have haunted Internet users as they demand you to pay a significant amount of money without sending the girls to please you. Then, checking the other platforms that are available to reach clients is vital. Calling the agency is one option, and corresponding through emails is also a positive sign that they are ready for new clients.


When you open their main website, you will see plenty of offers that you can pick. It includes ladies and other services. If you can find what you need on the list, it is also a sign that you have found a good and professional agency.

Clear Payment Scheme

Another sign of professional business is a clear payment scheme. Most big names in the industry will charge you upfront so that you know how much you will have to spend. They will also inform you if there will be extra charges, along with the complete details.…

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